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Episode 1 — Vinay Gupta — Incentive-based epistemology

LONG — Climate change holocaust, UFOs, Paradigm change
SHORT — Organized religion, Psychedelics

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Vinay Gupta is the Founder and CEO of Mattereum, a protocol built to redefine the relationship between physical assets and distributed digital commerce. He is also the inventor of the cheap, simple, non-patented and open-source hexayurt refugee shelter.

In this episode:
— How do we get people to relate to grotesquely unpleasant truths?
— We’re programmed to be risk-blind
— The economics of social priorities
— Why civilization depends on children’s rights
— Could UFO physics help solve climate change?
— The absurdity of modernity
— UFOs and paradigmatic change
— The Gupta Daily Slap
— Hedge funds for hypotheses

- Mattereum: https://mattereum.com/
- Vinay on Twitter: https://twitter.com/leashless
- Hexayurts: http://hexayurt.com/


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