Podcast #6 — Buster Benson — The Art of Productive Disagreement

After leadership roles at Twitter, Slack, and Patreon, Buster Benson wrote Why Are We Yelling? The Art of Productive Disagreement. In this interview, he shares his strategies for having difficult, truth-seeking conversations within both families and companies, and predicts how society might evolve past unproductive contentiousness. Toward the end, we venture into the bittersweet rewards of contemplating death. We really enjoyed this conversation, and thank Buster for going deep with us.

In this episode:

00:36 — Buster's background
01:57 — A Buster Benson bootcamp
05:41 — "Disagreement is rarely about facts"
07:33 — "Being uncomfortable is a good identity to have"
10:31 — "What's the moose in the room?"
13:32 — "Truth-seeking is pain-seeking"
21:11 — How to have hard conversations about the COVID vaccine
29:19 — Disagreement is not about persuasion
35:31 — "Fiction has to change"
52:41 — "Social media is ruining us"
59:12 — The problem of community
1:05:06 — The captive narrative of capitalism
1:16:44 — "University is going away"
1:35:16 — The pros and cons of social media
1:40:59 — Meditations on death

Full interview:


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