Podcast #5 — Christian Kameir — Conversations we're not having

Christian Kameir is Managing Partner at Sustany Capital, a thesis-driven VC firm investing in decentralized finance, blockchain, and legal tech.

An entrepreneur since dial-up internet, Christian traces social problems back to the flawed metaphors that caused us to build things wrong, and proposes solutions that make you say, "Why didn't I think of that?"

In this episode:

00:34 — A Christian Kameir boot camp
04:58 — "I'm still not convinced that we need any cryptocurrencies whatsoever"
12:31 — Facts and Pascal's Wager
18:52 — "Reality has a way of proving itself"
31:22 — Choose your counsel of mind-advisors
37:00 — Build principled frameworks
45:00 — "Reality has been broken into a billion pieces"
1:09:03 — "The gig economy is the real economy"
1:26:01 — "Governments are inept"
1:47:08 — "How do we de-financialize the economy?"
1:59:03 — Fascism starts with controlling information

Full interview:


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30-second preview:

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