Podcast #4 — Visakan Veerasamy — Reverse-engineering a Golden Age

Visakan Veerasamy is fascination incarnate. He finds Friendly Ambitious Nerds on the internet and introduces them to each other, with the goal of reverse-engineering a cultural and intellectual Golden Age. He originally gained Twitter fame through his prolific use of threading to track and share his knowledge explorations over the years.

If you’ve never heard of him before, you have double reason to watch this interview.

In this episode:

02:45 — “By doing something really well, you make it prestigious”
08:15 — “Every social game has proof-of-work in it”
10:49 — “It’s funny how simple everything is”
21:15 — “We valorize geniuses, to everyone’s detriment”
35:17 — Breaking paradigms
43:31 — Social media and internet celebrities as leaders of nations
53:12 — "There's a 1000 Lennons and 1000 McCartneys and they don't know each other"
1:01:10 — "It puts all leadership to shame"
1:07:36 — "Thinking of knowledge as a risk management problem"
1:29:49 — "People have not woken up to what we can do with social media"

Full interview:


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30-second preview clip: