Justin Murphy: Martin Shkreli, arranged marriage, on-chain analytics

Dr. Justin Murphy is a renegade social scientist, marriage-arranger, host of the Other Life podcast and newsletter, and founder of IndieThinkers — a membership community for intellectuals working on the internet, outside of institutions.

Ideamarket listing: https://app.ideamarket.io/i/twitter/jmrphy

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In this episode:

04:40 — Why Justin pursued (and then left) academia
11:45 — How to push the limits of the internet intellectual market
15:00 — Favorite obscure genius? Martin Shkreli
26:30 — The economic power of obscure truths
30:30 — Justin's arranged marriage experiments
49:24 — What does Justin think of Ideamarket?
58:05 — Justin’s critique of Ideamarket
1:04:55 — Bullish on on-chain analytics
1:11:00 — Why a dignified death > eternal life extension
1:13:00 — Christianity as a philosophy of life
1:28:00 — Justin’s next projects
1:32:00 — What distinguishes IndieThinkers from other communities
1:35:30 — “Quiet, hard work dominates”
1:39:46 — Find the ideas that are most explosive

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