Episode 7 — Alexandros Marinos — Ivermectin and the Midwit Meme

Alexandros Marinos created the social epistemology experiment BetterSkeptics.org, as well as his own Internet-of-Things startup Balena.

A polarizing Twitter polemicist, Alexandros subjects COVID and Ivermectin narratives to a scrutiny that seems simultaneously childlike and ruthless, attracting both praise and ire from prominent voices. His insights on epistemology sparkle with practical value for layman and expert alike.

Preview (watch the clip, it’s profound — email me if you’re not sure why)

In this interview:

00:00 — Episode begins
00:32 — Alexandros Marinos boot camp
04:31 — Being a practical philosopher
06:59 — Ivermectin and intellectual honesty
15:41 — “Show receipts or go home"
21:56 — “Keep your identity small”
28:26 — Midwit meme
43:24 — Objectivity = Relativism (if you watch one 5-minute segment, make it this one!)
50:28 — "Their entire life has been socially constructed"
58:09 — "There should be path to feedback for everybody"
1:03:18 — Short: Antinatalism
1:10:56 — Long: Commercial charities
1:28:20 — Better Skeptics
1:39:48 — "People have to get a lot better at filtering their own inputs"
1:44:57 — Normality and perfection

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