Celebrating our outgoing CTO Alexander Schlindwein

When Tommy Cox, the first dev Ideamarket ever had, said this about Alexander Schlindwein (Bobface for short), I knew I had to pay attention:

Alex became our CTO a few months later, and his contributions have been immense. In addition to rewriting our smart contracts from scratch, he’s been an excellent manager for other developers, and a meticulous counterbalance to my creative approach to product strategy.

After working 60-hour weeks for several years, he’s decided to step back from the demands of his CTO role at Ideamarket — and possibly the crypto industry entirely for a while.

He will stay on as a Technical Advisor, helping with smart contract security (which he’s literally the best in the world at) and product strategy.

He’s committed to guiding Ideamarket through a smooth migration onto Arbitrum, and completing the major technical projects still in progress, so the exact timing of this change is TBD.

Alex and I sat down to talk about his journey with Ideamarket, and what the future might look like for him.

A few highlights —

  • On Ideamarket: “Still very bullish. You don’t see anything like it in the crypto space at all. It’s a completely new concept, the mission is very important, and I think when people really get to know it, it can be very successful.”

  • On his choice to step back:That was a very personal choice. It didn’t have anything to do with the team or the company or the product, it was more evaluating my own path in life. I’m still pretty young, I’m still studying computer science which is something I want to finish. I might leave the full-time crypto space for some time but I didn’t come to a final conclusion yet.”

  • On his future plans: “I will definitely in some shape or form stay in crypto, and apart from that, no idea. I might go boating as you know and travel the seas.”

Know someone who would be perfect to lead Ideamarket’s tech team onto the global stage?

Here’s the job description for Ideamarket’s Interim CTO — have them reach out on Twitter or Discord.