Ideamarket assets are a hedge against crypto bear markets.

This is because Ideamarket deals in two asset classes that are independent of crypto — dollars, and attention.

1. Dollars

Ideamarket prices all listings in USD (DAI).

This means Ideamarket assets operate virtually independently of crypto market sentiment.

No matter what crypto markets do, Ideamarket tokens will stay priced in USD, and won't be affected.

Many promising crypto protocols died when their underlying assets depreciated during bear markets.

Ideamarket simply doesn’t have that problem.

2. Attention

Attention is always valuable.

Properly allocated, it literally saves lives.

For example — If you listened to Balaji Srinivasan, you knew by January 2020 that COVID was coming to America. If you listened to the New York Times, you found out in mid-March.

Even if people stop caring about crypto, they won’t stop caring about suppression-proofing their opinions.